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Here at the Open Data Science Conference we gather the attendees, presenters, and companies that are shaping the present and future of AI and data science. ODSC hosts one of the largest gatherings of professional data scientists, with major conferences in the USA, Europe, and Asia.


Flowers in Chania

Kısım 1

Some content about the main topic, for example Java documentation introduction about the language

Bilmeniz Gerekenler

Background information before getting into the topic:

  • Some list content
  • Prerequisites.
  • Workings and assumptions

Any other content to be covered before learning this topic

About topic

More lines about the topic. For example, how the basic functionality works, features etc...

Technical documentation should be thorough and to the point

Write about features, comparisons with other languages etc


Getting started with the actual documentation content This would come in a different color and font indicating lines of code

Önemli Tarihler

Another topic about the main topic, for example, if the topic is Java, this could be variables or data types in Java